Rent a Local

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The best way to see a new neighborhood is through the eyes of a local!

Rent a Local is like spending a few hours with some knowledgeable friends who have a passion for the San Diego lifestyle! See secluded areas, secret beaches, spectacular canyons, and get to meet owners of the colorful local cafes and shops. The Rent a Local custom tours can be arranged for your family, friends and new employees.

There is no itinerary or laid out plan prior to you telling us what you want to see. We plan the 3 to 5 hour tour according to your interests. See the hidden coastal areas, or the nearby botanical gardens, canyons, foot bridges and homes. We can also show you around new neighborhoods to get you familiar with all the great things that would take years to uncover. See the San Diego scenes you’ve dreamed about and the stuff few locals and tourists know about. Discover Secret San Diego with Rent a Local.

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Our walking and biking tours and the Rent A Local Custom Tours are recommended by San Diego’s Convention & Visitors Bureau, visiting corporate groups and travel agents. We are also bonded and can include snacks & refreshments during the tour.

RATES: $70 per Hour (3 hour minimum) for up to 5 people

“I've been involved with Where You Want To Be Tours since they started the company back in 2003. I had the good fortune of testing out some of their early tours and hunts, and over the years I've watched this amazing company grow. I've seen cliques evaporate, co-workers interact, and a lot of hearty laughs and smiles on their Scavenger Hunts. If anyone's looking for a unique group activity, give them a call. And, as a side note, the owners of Where You Want To Be Tours know everything there is to know about San Diego. You're in good hands."
- Seema Sueko   Artistic Director, Mo’olelo Performing Arts Company

“Everything was new to me. I have lived in San Diego 45 years!”
- Ron Eckberg  San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau

“I always learn at least one new thing and can really relax when I hire Where You Want to Be. Marc also seems to always know where the fun is. I have given their tour vouchers to many of my real estate customers.
-Charles Downing  San Diego Real Estate Agent