Faith Based


We have much to be thankful for.... 

We are super excited to announce the launch of our brand new Faith based division!  As Christians, our prayer is that people will experience God's love through our team building adventures. Our hope is that our team bonding programs will be used to lift up and strengthen the faith based community.  Over the years, we've worked with churches, Military Chaplains and numerous faith based organizations. It has been a wonderful journey but now, we believe God is doing something new. 

This year, Where You Want To Be Tours and our sister company Out of the Ordinary welcomes Jason Neese to our team! Jason will be heading up our Faith based division and we couldn't be more thrilled. Jason is a thinker, reader, observer, team-builder, adventurer, counselor, listener, searcher, questioner, teacher, practitioner, as well as a husband and father. Jason and his wife, Britton (who he is crazy about), have four kids (who are crazy about their dad) and live in Point Loma, California. 

Jason spent 15 years working with junior high, high school and college aged students.  He has enjoyed working in the trenches of student ministries and has been dedicated to developing youth workers that are willing to walk alongside students during the difficult seasons of their lives.  Jason has had the opportunity to be a guest speaker at several summer and winter camps, church seminars and conferences, and counseling/therapy panels throughout the state of California.  




We first met Jason through the Rock Church, Point Loma Campus. He has served as both the Pastor of Care, Concern, and Counseling and Lead Pastor to Family Ministries.  He is also a registered Marriage and Family Therapist who received his Masters degrees at Fresno Pacific University in Theology and Marriage, Family and Child Counseling.  He has many years of experience both within the walls of the church as well as outside in public/private practice, schools, county mental health, and college campuses.   Jason has worked extensively with individuals, couples, parents, and families struggling with issues that include anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, grief, loss, anger and stress. Jason has always had a deep passion for providing counseling for individuals, couples and families who are walking through various life issues.  He believes in helping people learn how therapy can help them with matters of marriage, family, communication, forgiveness, and conflict resolution. Jason loves to watch and see transformation happen in people’s lives through Jesus Christ.


Jason has always had a heart for adventure and team building. Given all his God given talents and skills, he is a perfect addition to our team!   Jason will be focusing on new development, sales and partnership opportunities with churches and other non-profit organizations. You can reach Jason at