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Meet our Street Team

Need help promoting your event? 

Over the years, Where You Want To Be Tours has earned a reputation for having a GREAT staff!  

In addition to helping us lead tours and team building activities, our talented Street Team can help you promote your product or event. Whether you need a group of people to hit the streets and talk up your event OR you're looking for Greeters or Brand Ambassadors... we've got you covered. 

Looking to create some hype around your event?  Why not hire our fun loving paparazzi staff or colorful cast of professional actors and dancers?  Thanks to our multi-talented staff, there's not too much we can't do!  Our Street Team members are high energy, positive and work well under pressure.  

If you have an upcoming event and could use some help, contact Marc or Darlynne at 619.917.6037 or email us at tours@wheretours.com for more information.